History Steinbeck, John: The Harvest Gypsies, PDF/A5/v1.1, 22 February 2012
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This is a collection of Steinbeck's articles originally publish in the San Francisco News, October, 1936. I believe the articles are in the public domain, as I have found no copyright renewals for them. One book has been published, available on Amazon, but while it gives a notice of copyright for the preface none is given for Steinbeck's articles themselves. I hope I've properly understood the copyright requirements to post this. If not, I hope the admins will kindly remove it. Incidentally, I'm posting this from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which does not yet have recognised copyright laws.

This file is formatted to A5 size, 37 pages. Text font is 11 pt Georgia with line spacing of .22" and full justification. A linked TOC is included, and the "[CONTENTS]" in the headers is linked back to the TOC. LibreOffice generated a full set of bookmarks. Any errors in hyphenation are mine.

At a time when the U.S. unemployment rate hovers at around 18% (using the same measures as applied to the Great Depression) and great distress grips the American middle class we may hear an unsettling echo of Steinbeck's observations of poverty and the tyranny of unrestrained capitalism. I hope you'll take a few minutes to read them.

* Edit: Corrected some typos, made some minor cosmetic changes, and restored about two sentences of missing text I'd missed earlier. Will someone please move it to mobileread's offsite file hosting? On a different note BBC Panorama for 13 Feb is titled "Poverty in America".

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Great post, thanks!

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been wanting this forquite some time cheers!

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