Nook Purchase?
#11  Richwood 02-15-2020, 03:51 AM
Quote JSWolf
I do think you are making a huge mistake. The nook software is abysmal. It's the worst of any current Reader. You should cancel the order and get something better. If you really want a 7.8" Reader, you can get for a Kobo Forma at 8". Much much better software. Plus, the Forma uses a plastic backed screen so it's much more durable and lighter.
I like larger format readers and have Kindle DX, Sony PRS-950, Kindle Oasis G9 and G10 readers as well as both the Kobo Aura One and Kobo Forma readers. I got the Sony units after all support ceased and have basically used side loading of files for both the Sony and Kobo readers, with a few books purchased from Kobo. Intending to do the same with the Nook too with minimal use of B&N book purchases. The Kindles are fed via Amazon purchases, emailed book files and side loaded files. Therefore not too worried that support for the NOOK from B&N might vanish any time. I like the paging switches on both sides of the screen of both the Nook Glowlight 3 and Glowlight Plus. They remind me of the old Kindle DX as well as the Kindle 2, Kindle keyboard and Kindle NT units controls.

#12  cgsmom 02-17-2020, 12:10 PM
You are not making a big mistake. I think the Nook GL+7.8 is a fine reader. I don't buy any books from BN because I can't liberate them. However, sideloading works just fine. I also like to have buttons on both sides of my reader. I change hands constantly when reading and I would hate to have to rotate my reader each time. The Forma looks like a good reader but it was $280 when I bought my Nook. Now you can order from Walmart for $250 but the Nook is still cheaper. Congrats on your new Nook.

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