help buying a nook book
#1  DigiRead 01-29-2020, 05:09 PM
Hello readers, I am facing an issue with B&N policy about being unable to purchase nook books outside the US. I tried different ways with VPNs and Proxys but since the paypal account is pinned with my address (which dont belong to the US) the purchase is denied.
Does someone knows a way to bypass that policy?
Someone to help me out getting just one book from B&N I am really interested with?

Thanks and thanks.

#2  Sirtel 01-29-2020, 05:17 PM
Isn't the book available elsewhere? Only B&N?

#3  DigiRead 01-29-2020, 05:32 PM
that is right, only in B&N, otherwise it would not be an issue for me getting it from other place such as amazon or kobo.

#4  Bookstooge 01-29-2020, 07:42 PM
Even if you bought it, do you have any software capable of reading a drm'd nook book? B&N seems pretty determined to not let anyone read their books...

#5  DigiRead 01-29-2020, 08:01 PM
I was thinking that in case of receiving some help it is not quite difficult in either the nook device or the App to go to the right path to find the book file , once I have the file I can use my Android Studio VM to remove the DRM.

#6  DigiRead 02-03-2020, 01:19 AM
it is just one book that I need from there, I can do a PayPal transaction in advance if you want, I usually don't buy physical books so that is why I am trying to get this very one in digital format.
Help Please!

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