Location of ePub files on my Windows 10 computer
#1  Catsnkites 01-16-2020, 04:13 PM
Hello All!

I'm assisting my mom with her Nook books. I have her account login information.

I use Calibre to organize my books and I'd like to do the same for her books.

I downloaded and installed the Nook App to my laptop. I can open the app and I can see her books. I can read her books. I see the little clouds showing the books need to be downloaded.

I thought I downloaded a certain book (first one in the list). Where the heck is the file stored on my laptop??

Years ago I had a Nook and I had no trouble finding the files in order to use Calibre.



#2  Sirtel 01-16-2020, 05:31 PM
Try C:\Users\"username"\App Data\Local\Packages\BarnesNoble.Nook_ahnzqzva31enc \LocalState

But whether you can remove the DRM or not, is anyone's guess. The key may no longer work. I'd suggest not to buy ebooks from B&N anymore.

#3  cgsmom 01-19-2020, 09:57 AM
I haven't been able to strip DRM from B&N books for over a year now. So I don't buy much from them. I like to think that if they go out of the nook business they would transfer our books somewhere else, but I can't count on that. Good luck.

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