Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Six, v1, (2020), 13 Aug 2020
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These short stories were collected mostly but not entirely from the vast number published in the Sydney weekly newspaper World's News. All of the authors are in the Life Plus 70 and Life plus 50 public domains, and In the Australian public domain.

Each author's dates of birth and death are included beneath their names at their first appearance. Wherever possible I have included original magazine appearance reference, taken from The Fiction Mags Index online.

1: Mannering's Men / Marjorie Pickthall
2: The Cobbler / Percy James Brebner
3: Geoffrey's Panklaggephone / Ellis Parker Butler
4: The Doctor Takes a Hand / Andrew Soutar
5: The Pedestal / Morley Roberts
6: The Tempter / Harold Bindloss
7: Other Gods / E. Charles Vivian
8: The Matchmaker / M. McDonnell Bodkin
9: The Last Laugh / Owen Oliver
10: Some Imitations / Barry Pain
11: Simple / P. C. Wren
12: The Secret of the Singular Cipher / F. A. M. Webster
13: The Schimmel Sets the Pace / F. A. M. Webster
14: The Missing Signorina / Percy J Brebner
15: The Man with the Carnation / Percy J Brebner
16: The Lady's Glove / Percy J Brebner
17: The Anarchist's Scheme / C J Cutcliffe Hyne
18: The Butler / Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
19: Puzzle Phyllis / Guy Thorne (C. Ranger Gull)
20: The Specialist / Owen Oliver
21: Her Account / Owen Oliver
22: Twelve Minutes / Barry Pain
23: Black Paws / Lucy Gertrude Moberly
24: A Summer Night's Weird / Colonel Henry Curties
25: The Willingham Van Dyke / William Edward Norris
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