Can anyone provide me a firmware copy of inkbook prime or inkbook classic 2?
#1  qtw 11-24-2017, 04:48 AM
Hi. I think inkbook prime and inkbook classic 2's ODM are Boyue, like other inkbook ereader. But I find theirs UI are different, so I guess the system software was designed by ArtaTech itself.
If inkbook prime's internal applications better than Boyue's? So I want to transplant it to my Boyue T61.Can anyone help me?

#2  qtw 12-01-2017, 05:01 AM
As for return,I can do this:
1.Cracked the recovery to disable the signature verification, so you can install any zip package to you ereader.
2.Modify the MTD‘s partition table: Extend userdata partition mounted on /data, add new partitions to build double system like what I do on my Boyue T61D(look at the picture).
3.Modify your firmware: add internal root access, Google Play support, or another thing I can do for you.
4.share my Chrome/Chromium based browser with custom css to all ereader's user who like Chrome/Chromium.

Please excuse my poor English.
mtd.jpg chrome1.jpg chrome2.jpg chrome3.jpg 

#3  bonnerable 09-26-2019, 08:32 AM
Not sure if you still need or if mine is relevant. I just made a Nandroid dump of Inbook Prime HD using androidtool for rockchip units.

It contains the following images: backup.img, boot.img, kernel.img, misc.img, recovery.img & system.img

I'll host it maybe for 1 month as my dropbox storage is limited. download link

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