Putting book folders vs. just .mobi files on a Kindle Fire
#1  hotwired 01-28-2019, 02:27 PM
I have a question about putting books from my Calibre library on e ink kindle vs. kindle fire's. When I put a book on my eInk Kindle, I can copy and paste the whole folder into the Documents folder on my e ink version. It will be there, and show up on my screen. (By folder I mean the folder with the .mobi file, and the cover and the metadata.opf file) BUT I cannot put whole folders on any fire device in the Books folder. I have to ONLY put the .mobi file or nothing shows up. Not a huge deal but there's NO covers (the name of the cover file is cover.jpg ... and there can only be one file with that name in the whole books directory). Is there a way to force books to be "seen" on the carousel or library of a fire when dropping whole folders vs. just .mobi files?

#2  HarryT 01-28-2019, 02:37 PM
Moved to the correct forum.

#3  hotwired 01-28-2019, 03:22 PM
I do see now the forum is broken down into device types. I did not see that earlier, when I posted. Thanks for the move.

#4  jhowell 01-28-2019, 03:43 PM
An e-ink Kindle will find books in subfolders of the Documents folder. When you copy an entire book folder from calibre it will find the MOBI file and just ignore the extraneous cover and metadata files. It is not using that cover JPEG, but instead extracting the cover from your MOBI.

The Kindle app on Fire tablets does not search subfolders so your MOBI must be placed into the main books folder. Again the cover and metadata files from calibre will just be ignored if present.

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