Calibre with Touch HD3
#1  omazumba 10-19-2020, 08:00 PM
Hi there.
In the process of having a more organized library I spent a lot of time deleting useless identifiers, correcting authors, aggregating series and deleting every tag I found useless in my Calibre library.
After updating the metadata in the TH3 (using that Calibre option) nothing changes. So, I deleted all my library (on the TH3) and bulk uploaded all books from Calibre again.
It's better now, but I still see some tags in "series" (when I browse the TH3 library by series) which I'm absolutely sure I hadn't added in Calibre.

Can someone point me to what I am doing wrong?


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#2  gpm 10-28-2020, 07:16 PM
I'd suffered from this as well.
Just forget about 'useless identifiers' - as I did.
You can of course erase them, but this is tedious.
Plugboard entries may help you. (Preferences - Metadata Plugboards)
This determines how files are saved in your devices database (not in the file system, this is another option but this doesn't matter).
I'm experimenting with this, still, but with progress.

For example:
{series:||: }{series_index:0>5.2f| | - } {title}

When you point that expression at destination {title} - the {title} field in the data base at the goal is substituted with this expression:
'Fourth Monkey' becomes 'A 4Mk Thriller: 01.00 - Fourth Monkey'.
So when you search after 'Author' -> 'Title' you get all your books from this author in this order.

Plugboards control how your files are saved on your devices data base.

I'm sure there are several more threads about plugboards on which you can indulge.
Have fun!

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