Pocket app/webpage reading setup on Tolino
#1  torto 06-07-2020, 08:15 AM
Hello everybody, nobody asked but I just want to share the configuration I ended up using with the Pocket app on the Tolino, which makes it an incredibly practical read-it-later/offline reader/increased readability solution (i. e. without ads and with better typography for long reads).

I have a free account at, and I often save articles and posts directly from my web browser using Pocket's chrome add-on (there are other solutions for other browsers). I also have Pocket on my cellphone, so it is also easy to save long reads from social media to Pocket too.

Next step, my Tolino has sideloaded Android apps*, amongst them the Pocket for Android app. I use version 7.27, which takes 12.47 MB, is a bit heavy for the Tolino, but does the job just fine. It is only important to configure it to save articles on the SD card instead of the main memory and limit the amount of storage for offline articles.

I also installed the free Key Mapper app, which allows me to configure the page turning buttons so that they are also recognized as page up/down keystrokes on Android. So now I can quickly turn pages on Pocket while holding the Tolino with one hand. As an added comfort, I also configured a long press on the up button as a back button, so that it is easier to move around in android in general.

* for sideloading apps, I used a mix of the solutions described here and here (sorry, both in German!). So now, besides the native Tolino app, I also have KO Reader (better than the Tolino app for most formats, specially PDFs), a Kindle app (for protected Kindle books - they're often cheaper than in Tolino-compatible stores), Wikipedia, APK Pure for easy installation of new apps etc.

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