Tutorial Open Sesame! (AKA., The New & Improved JailBreak Index)
#1  NiLuJe 06-04-2019, 11:46 AM
What Is This?:

This aims to be an up-to-date version of @geekmaster's original "JailBreak Index" thread. It will recap what you can and cannot do with your device, and how to proceed, in a step by step process.


First, you need to identify your device. Just follow the instructions on this wiki page.

If you can't find your exact variant in the table, PM me the first 6 characters of your S/N, along with as much information about your device as you can (marketing name, date & country of purchase/delivery, whether it's WiFi-only or has cellular capabilities, and the bezel color if appropriate). Then wait for me to confirm that stuff has been repackaged to handle it, because none of this will work until I do .

Device Generation Concerns.

The main focus of this document will be all current devices with a touchscreen, running FW 5.x.
If you're using an older device see this historical thread, with a special addition if you're using a K4.
That's for the JailBreak step itself, but everything else in here is still relevant (i.e., once you're jailbroken, you can resume following this thread).
On those older devices, you'll also want to replace the JB Hotfix with the Mobileread Kindlet Kit when the former gets mentioned later on.

The Right Tools For The Job.

You'll soon realize that most of my stuff, despite being spread over a few dedicated threads, will actually redirect you to my Snapshots thread to actually download the files. I'd suggest keeping it open in a separate tab, or you might start to get dizzy with the amount of cross-references .
This allows me to centralize and update everything in one step.
Most of the files are shipped as xz compressed tarballs (.tar.xz). You'll need a decent unarchiver to handle those. We generally recommend 7-zip. If your unarchiver only leaves you with a simple tarball (.tar), you'll have to unpack that, too, to get to the goods.
This applies to everything, even KUAL extensions (i.e., if a bit of documentation says "just unpack it to <somewhere>", it means unpack the *inner* tarball).


On current devices, the process involves installing a *factory* version of the FW. You are *not* able to downgrade a Kindle, which means you will have to be running a FW version <= to the factory image we have on hand.
If you're not, you're out of luck, at least not without hardware modifications, which we only know how to handle on *some* specific models (generally, older/simpler ones).

Which means making sure you won't get force-fed an unwanted OTA update is *very* important. Switch to airplane mode ASAP, and create a *folder* named update.bin.tmp.partial at the top-level (in other words, at the root) of the visible USB storage.
WARNING: FW >= 5.12.x is potentially much more aggressive, and we currently don't have a sure-proof way of preventing OTA updates on those newer FW versions (short of sticking to Airplane mode).
WARNING: FW >= 5.12.2 is definitely much more aggressive, and it will *probably* destroy your JailBreak. You'll want to make *absolutely* sure that your bridge is up-to-date *before* the update to have any chance of keeping it alive.
TL;DR: Stay away from FW >= 5.12.x.

As of right now, the list of supported devices is as follows:

Be *very* careful to pick the right file for your device, because failing to do that *will* result in a brick.

You should be able to find links to those images at the bottom of this WiKi page, or, barring that, via Google (in which case, double-check the md5 sum of the files).

Once you've got your hands on an image that fits your device, check out this thread for detailed instructions, and come back here once that's done .

NOTE: For older devices running FW <=, see this historical thread. Keep in mind that you will *still* then have to install the JB hotfix, except you'll have to use the "bridge" .bin from the full JailBreak package, instead of the actual "hotfix" .bin itself (because it will not run on FW < 5.5.0).

[1]: If your PW4 is running a more recent firmware version, all is not lost. Please see this post for more information.

TL;DR: Identify your device, install the appropriate factory image like any other FW update. Once it's done (it will take a while, longer than a "normal" FW update), you can install the Factory JB.

Making sure your JB survives updates.

It's as simple as installing the JB Hotfix.
This will also take care of a few other necessary bits and bobs for the following steps.

TL;DR: This one should be installed via the "Update Your Kindle" menu, after dropping the .bin file at the top-level of the visible USB storage.

Installing custom packages.

You can now forget about the "Update Your Kindle" (UYK) menu, everything will have to go through the MobileRead Package Installer (MRPI).

You might be wondering why this is listed first, while it appears to depend on another tool: KUAL. That's a bit of a catch-22 that we'll take care of shortly; for now, install MRPI as if you actually had KUAL installed .

TL;DR: This is as simple as extracting the package at the top-level of the visible USB storage.


This is a GUI frontend that many custom tools will rely on, as such, we consider it a mandatory dependency.

As it's designed to run across the *full* range of Kindle devices, there are four different variants of it available.
If you're running FW >= 5.9, you'll need the "Booklet (coplate)" variant.
If you're running FW < 5.9 you can use the "Booklet" variant, or the "KDK-2" variant. Prefer the Booklet variant.
On older FW < 5.x devices, you'll have to use the "KDK-1" variant.

While the KDK variants were simple files you just sideloaded like any other book, the Booklet variants are proper packages, which is why MRPI had to come first .

TL;DR: Booklet variants should be installed via MRPI: drop the .bin in the mrpackages directory, located in the top-level of the visible USB storage (if you don't see it, you bungled the MRPI install in the previous step), then run MRPI by entering ;log mrpi in the Homescreen's searchbar, then wait for MRPI to proceed. If nothing happens, you bungled something along the way.

NOTE: If, despite the many earlier warnings, you're currently running FW >= 5.12.2, things get a little dicey: ;log may be gone. Instead, in the "Booklet (coplate)" archive, you'll find an Update_KUALBooklet_hotfix_*_install.bin install package, which you'll have to install via UYK (like the JB Hotfix earlier).


You should now be ready to play with a lot of what's available on MR! A couple things to remember, though: As there's been a long history of various Kindle models and FW, some things may only target and/or behave properly on some specific models and/or FW versions. The documentation may not be any help in making you aware of that fact, especially for older stuff (the original author may be inactive, and even if he isn't, making sure stuff works everywhere and/or document it is a *lot* of work). Feel free to ask in the relevant thread, there's a good chance someone will tell you if it has a chance of working, or not .

As a rule, everything in my Snapshots thread should be sane & safe to use: it will either gracefully refuse to install on unsupported devices, or, barring that, gracefully refuse to *run* on unsupported devices.

Remember that MRPI supports installing *multiple* packages at once, and will attempt to install stuff in the right order if it matters (i.e., by installing Python first, for instance, as it's generally used by a few things, either as a hard dependency, or an optional one).

Do note that leaving your device locked to the "Factory" FW version you used for this process may not be a suitable long-term solution. Some stuff might break for no apparent reason.
Because of the downgrade restrictions, the least destructive approach would be to switch to the exact same FW version, except the "normal" one. Just go to the Amazon Software Update page for your device, fudge the download URL to point to the version you need, and install that .
As a FW update will wipe everything custom except the JB itself, you can optionally do this as early as right *after* having installed the JB Hotfix if you don't want to have to basically install your hacks twice .

On newer FW versions, we recommend using the "Helper" KUAL extension, which provides a "PREVENT OTA Updates" button that will be a little more zealous than what we did earlier, which should prevent some battery draining caused by a tad aggressive "call home" behavior from those FW versions.

If you do decide to go with a more current FW version, *avoid* anything >= 5.12.x, as it has become even more aggressive, preventing you both from blocking OTA updates, and greatly (potentially fatally) hampering the JailBreak's ability to survive, as well as your recovery options!

As mentioned earlier, an official FW update will basically throw you back to the post-hotfix step: you'll basically have to reinstall anything that came bundled in a .bin, except for the hotfix/bridge itself.

Speaking of the bridge/hotfix, you shouldn't ever need to reinstall it, unless you want to make extra sure it's got its hooks set in right before and/or after doing a severely destructive manipulation, like a factory reset. But, technically, if nothing untoward ever happened to your device, this shouldn't be needed, it's just a precaution.

And speaking of destructive manipulations, combining a factory reset with a FW update *will* irremediably wipe your JB. Don't be that guy.

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#2  hius07 06-04-2019, 12:06 PM
Great and thanks! May I correct a little bit:
- KDK-2 doesn't work beginning from FW 5.9.2, but
- on PW2 KDK-2 works on any FW including the latest one.

#3  knc1 06-04-2019, 12:30 PM
This looks more like office politics than technical decisions:
As of right now, the list of supported devices is as follows:

PW2: (MD5: 3cbac0b4821cec03432b9ed382744f41)
KT2: 5.6.0 (MD5: d85a86f5c75b4b9d43648f3b6afd2e84)
KV: 5.5.0 (MD5: f7c8905ea993fef902be82b70a98542a)
PW3: (MD5: a5460e698a531c7770ba2b1ac31667b0)
KOA: 5.7.4 (MD5: 8f1e7c9124a2b12e643b15447d80feae)
KT3: 5.8.0 (MD5: 3f1a5294e1bca8c4fa7ca2762c5b4505)
KOA2: (MD5: 18624db8c1838ec2b5b8bfb3406ac041)
PW4: (MD5: 538d939c2cb4f05c7952d33d5348f010)
KT4: 5.11.0 (MD5: fd3e7ed8ebea59432163a5e713cd90c5)
Instead of having a single, unified, build system for the series 5 devices, it looks like they have a different "lead person" for each model and each model is supported by its own build system.
Evidently, each "lead person" lives in a different country and they all speak different languages (if they even try to speak to each other before a release).

Jeff "D.A." Bezos at work (again).

#4  hius07 06-04-2019, 12:39 PM
And factory can be installed to PW2 with up to FW including.

#5  NiLuJe 06-04-2019, 01:05 PM
@hius07: All true, but left out of the first post to avoid any more "... except if x.z.y you might get away with a.b.c" than strictly necessary .

See also the decision to just say "you can't downgrade a Kindle", which wasn't always technically true either .

(i.e., KISS).

#6  NiLuJe 06-04-2019, 02:36 PM
Okay, everything should now be live .

This officially marks the death of the outrageously old & outdated tagged releases of my packages (at least those targeting FW 5.x), so it's snapshots & MRPI all the way now .
(You'll also notice that a few things have moved to the main snapshots post itself, namely, KUAL (coplate) and the JB Hotfix).

I should have updated each relevant thread accordingly, do drop me a line if something feels wonky, or if I messed up/forgot something!

Many thanks to @ilovejedd for the KT4 factory image and her test of the PoC .

#7  NiLuJe 06-04-2019, 02:47 PM
And before I forget, much like in the KUAL thread, I highly recommend installing gawk to speed KUAL up, as well as the Helper extension, which includes a button to block OTA updates in a potentially more complete manner, which was shown to curb some stupid battery-draining behavior in some recent FW releases...

#8  ilovejedd 06-04-2019, 03:00 PM
Quote NiLuJe

This is a GUI frontend that many custom tools will rely on, as such, we consider it a mandatory dependency.

As it's designed to run across the *full* range of Kindle devices, there are four different variants of it available.
If you're running FW >= 5.8, you'll need the "Booklet (coplate)" variant.
If you're running FW < 5.8, you can use the "Booklet" variant, or the "KDK-2" variant. Prefer the Booklet variant.
On older FW < 5.x devices, you'll have to use the "KDK-1" variant.
Typo. KUAL coplate is only required on >= 5.9.

#9  NiLuJe 06-04-2019, 03:07 PM
@ilovejedd: Yeah, @hius07 mentioned that already, I could swear stuff started braking down as early as 5.8, though. Might only be KPVBooklet, not KUAL, I'll trust the both of you .

#10  ilovejedd 06-04-2019, 03:21 PM
Quote NiLuJe
@ilovejedd: Yeah, @hius07 mentioned that already, I could swear stuff started braking down as early as 5.8, though. Might only be KPVBooklet, not KUAL, I'll trust the both of you .
Lol, that's what I get for skimming via my phone.

I'm still running the KDK-2 on a PW3 5.8.11 (for the absolutely shallow reason that it has an icon).

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