Suggestions: Windows software reader opds ebook reader/library?
#31  maximus83 03-07-2019, 10:45 AM
Thanks Jim, was just brainstorming ideas. I realize multi-plat development is complex. Will be interested to see the ongoing development.

#32  wjBLqf-_9 11-09-2019, 11:44 PM
Item To Say #1 = Calibre does it well!
kovidgoyal has developed a fantastic software in Calibre!

Calibre native web interface is PHENOMENAL! It's great for a team technical library interface: looking for a book, use safari/firefox. the web interface is great for searching and great for "taking a copy from the shelf"
Item To Say #2 = FBReader for Windows (*sigh*) I like that it is a traditional 'full' window sApp [download exe and run without any MS-AppStore account]. I only wish the FBReader windows app had any database centric paradoy with had the database centric app features in in their FBReader android app/
Item To Say #3 = FREDA impresses me! (except for that whole "Microsoft Store" requirement)

imho fwiw Windows 10 and icloud-like account with MS-Google-AppStore... seriously detracts from the advantages of a non-google/non-apple operating system.

for all the faults of Windows/MS, they were the not-apple market place offering.
(download, install, use local credentials) simple! Works! I can back it up with Veeam!
Item To Say #4 = If I have to go with a AppStore to install my replacement solution for FBReader/Android... I will look to the stability that is the genuine icloud AppStore.... *cringe* replace Windows10 HP Revolve 810 G3 reader with iOS/iPad.

imho fwiw android/chromeOS has annoyed me too. The used to be the less expensive alternative to apple. Now they compete with the highest priced Apple product without the Apple Ecosphere/deep-integration. And without the longterm software updates that Apple provides. Android used to be the WW2 Sherman tank to the engineering marvel Tiger Tanks. Except the prices are parody with Apple.

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