Leaf2 jumped ahead several chapters
#1  Kimble 03-20-2023, 02:19 AM
I've recently bought a Leaf2 to replace my old Kindle Keyboard after many years. It's been a bit of a learning curve.

The first book I read on it was fine. The current and second one got weird.

I got through several chapters, usually closing it for the night at a chapter break. One night I opened up the thing and started reading, then another chapter, then another, and suddenly I was at the end. It had jumped the middle chapters by itself.

The jump escaped me because the book itself is unusual in form - Gary Shteyngart's Super Sad True Love Story. Each chapter varies between narration, letters from the protagonist, and social media posts from his love interest. And it's got weird time slips so getting lost in the flow of things is common - a bit like Kafka's The Trial where chapter order doesn't matter. (OK, not that bad)

So, is my sudden jump experience likely to be something I did or has it happened to others?

#2  Renate 03-20-2023, 07:15 AM
Do you use a page number or progress stripe in the footer?
How do you not notice something weird?
When you go back to the read sections and page does it proceed normally or skip consistently?
Maybe there were some links there that you accidentally hit?

#3  Kimble 03-26-2023, 02:05 AM
Sorry to be late back here, the post didn't show for a while and then I went away for a few days.

The Boox shows page numbers, both page in chapter and page in book. Trouble is, I have trouble with numbers because of dyslexia and often get them wrong in my head or I don't even see them.

I didn't know it could show a progress strip. I got used to that on the Kindle so thanks for the info. I'll go chasing up how to set that up instead of bracketed numbers.

Mostly it behaves itself for page turns. However, a day or two ago I moved my hand to do something and softly stroked the right side of the screen by accident and it suddenly turned multiple pages again. So there might be something I've done and because the reader is very new to me I'm not aware of some gesture.

Thanks again

#4  orangpelupa 04-01-2023, 11:15 AM
IME boox leaf 2 did that if it were overly busy doing something (in the background).

Why it do that. Dunno. How to fix it? Also dunno. But maybe a different cpu governor and a larger swap file would help?

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