how does the kobo make it's "table of contents"
#1  soup 08-15-2010, 04:40 PM
I'm playing around with the TOC.ncx file in an ePub and I can't seem to make parts of the "table of contents" go away when I access them in the kobo.

does the kobo actually use the TOC.ncx file? or does it generate it's own table of contents?

#2  tpw 08-15-2010, 07:16 PM
I would have thought that the Kobo was using the toc.ncx file, since it's the standard for epub. If you have no joy, try editing your epub in sigil, which will allow you to remove toc entries.

#3  Stinger 08-15-2010, 10:37 PM
The Kobo does use the toc.ncx file. My guess is that you're editing a file from the Kobo memory that's already been processed, right? The Kobo caches TOC data when it first processes the file.

Remove the epub from the Kobo, unplug, replug, and add the file again (just need to force the Kobo to reprocess that epub).

#4  soup 08-16-2010, 12:13 PM
I've edited the TOC using sigil, and also when I plug in the kobo, I navigate to the ePub file (in question) on the device and open it with winRAR, then I navigate to the TOC.ncx file and examine it, and the file only consists of entries I've deligated in sigil to be there.

however when I look in the table of contents on the kobo after it's processed the file, every line I have in the ePub file (in question) that uses the "heading" font size; appears interlaced with the ones in the TOC.ncx file.

#5  pholy 08-16-2010, 12:32 PM
I think that the Kobo only looks to see if it has a file of the same name in its database, and then skips the file. It does not remove missing book files from its database -- a nasty bug, IMO. As I recall, if you change the filename when you put it back on the Kobo, it will scan the new file. Or you can use one of the sqlite tools to remove the offending database entries.

#6  soup 08-17-2010, 11:24 PM
plugged the kobo in.

navigated to the file.

changed it's name.

that did it.

lets hope that gets fixed in a future firmware update...

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