Android Apps that work well on eInk devices
#71  relativize 06-12-2019, 01:43 AM
File Manager from Flashlight + clock developer

Excellent file manager works very well and allows file transfer from the cloud, remotely on the local network or by ftp

Tested on my Boyue Likebook Mars

#72  underscore 06-19-2019, 09:44 AM
onyx nova

applications that i installed from google play and are quite ok

andro search:
it's full indexing content of epub/pdf
so many world newspapers
an application that i spread on all my devices, if i manage to find an interesting long read articles on the web, i save it for when i can read it on e-ink

#73  Raphi'Elohim 07-06-2019, 01:37 AM
Quote mising
I have just started using Bookari (used to be Mantaro Reader) and really like it. It has a setting for e-ink compatibility in the settings that works really well. I picked it because it will sync between devices (at least the paid version does, but it is only $5) and has a good night mode (black background with white text) and supports epub3. I currently have an inkBook T61D and it runs flawlessly so your experience should be even better.
I have the new Nook Glowlight plus 2 rooted. I have koreader on it and it works fine for pdfs. The launcher I use is ReLaunchX which works good enough.

Looks like I should put es file explorer on this thing to deal with the cache and I'm sure things like evernote and dropbox probably work well enough on this thing but I have not tried them.

One thing I found is bookari would be awesome, on it, except for the fact that 5% to 10% of the text was sliced , in the middle, with the latter half of a word downward sloped.

I was using one version behind the most brand new version of bookari , though , because I needed the pay for best version apk without using the google play store.

That is too bad too as that would make the Nook Glowlight 2 superior to the kindle oasis and Kobo Forma.

#74  amin021023 08-15-2019, 11:26 PM
Hi, Does anybody know any good lightweight e-reader that supports highlighting and dictionary look-up while reading pdfs beside Koreader for e-ink?

#75  blueskiesoki 10-13-2019, 08:07 PM
I have a Likebook Mars with the following Apps:
Simple Ink Launcher 1.2 from here
Moon Reader Pro
Firefox with addons as suggested above
Read from apkpure here
Amazon Kindle from bouye app store
Solitaire from f-droid here
Sudoku from f-droid here
Puzzles from f-droid here
KOReader for Android
Dictionaries for KOReader from here

Still trying to figure out how to get an inline dictionary to work with Moon reader?
I do use the Bookerly Font from here

#76  elchamaco 10-14-2019, 05:41 PM
Quote blueskiesoki
Still trying to figure out how to get an inline dictionary to work with Moon reader?
I do use the Bookerly Font from here
I use golden dict, it allows to use a lot of dictionaries types (Lingoes, Babylon, ABBYY Lingvo, StarDict, Dictd , Hunspell .AFF/.DIC morphology files)

I changed recently to fora dictionary (now discontinued), it works fine. It can been downloaded in apk pages.

And there are a lot of dicionary apps you can use, color dict, alpus (this seems to be the son of fora but it takes an eternity to import stardict dictionaries).

#77  alfpier 10-30-2019, 07:00 AM

do anyone know if is there an ereader app optimized for eink that has these functionalities for pdfs:

page reindexing: useful to add an offset to page number in order to be able to go to actual page in the main text and skip those pages that are not main text (contents,lists of figures, etc). This should work also after having splitted two page landscape documents.

Automatic skew correction: useful to correct the skew of those documents that come from scans non perfectly done where text is not always horizontal.

I know that these features are present in ebookdroid, app that I used thoroughly on my previous Samsung tablet. Using ebookdroid on my eink (boox nova pro) I found the rendering of text is not as good as that of the default app (neo Reader, which however lacks the useful features mentioned before)

Unfortunately the devs of ebookdroid refuse to release an eink version of their app, so I am asking you guys if you know some alternatives with similar functionalities

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