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OK, thanks itimpi, that's the answer and also theducks for his visual representation, which helped immensely, both of you have been a great help, I suspect that I probably need a bit of html 101 .

I was also battling in trying to centre the chapter heading and after a lot of messing around with the html code and finding advice through my trusty friend google, I wasn't getting much success, until I had a brainwave and simply centred it using the text editor in Sigil, hey presto

<body> <div class="chapter" id="ch06"> <h2 class="chapterTitle sgc-1 sgc-2" id="heading_id_2"><a href="../Text/contents.html#ch_06">Chapter 6</a></h2> </div>
I still don't know what sgc-x (sigil proprietary code?) is all about and I certainly didn't come across that on the Internet but it works.
SGC (style) codes are inserted BEFORE the <body> start
They are mainly inserted when you use the Justification or Font buttons in Sigil If you ONLY style you document using the stylesheet and Code View (and don't use the buttons), SGC codes don't get inserted. There are exceptions: (I just have not figgured out what triggers Auto-SGC codeing)

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