How do I Revive a T68?
#1  James Bryant 12-14-2019, 06:28 AM
My T68 got stuck on the language select settings page.

I tried to install a firmware update and the instructions did not make complete sense. When I tried anyway it seems to have bricked itself. Picture of a Lynx and "Your BOOX is off" - but it won't turn on (and it's fully charged).

I am an analog electronic engineer, so not witless, but software engineering is not in my skillset. I've searched this Forum and found a lot of references to this sort of thing but but no simple "take this file, load it on your SD card, press these buttons and all will be well" instructions. Things start that way, but then arcane conditions which I do not understand appear, and when I try to follow them they don't do what I thought they should.

This is undoubtedly because I'm a bear of very little brain and long words bother me.

Can anyone help in words of one syllable, please?

I am prepared to pay to have it done by an expert but I have, so far, failed to find an eBook shop willing to try. It's become urgent because yesterday I was bumped by a trolley in the supermarket and my C67 screen was smashed, so I'm reduced to reading on my phone, which kills the battery fast. So failing the magic monosyllables can anyone point me at a BOOX mender?

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