Graded audiobooks? / Simple English
#1  jago25_98 11-19-2019, 09:46 AM
1) Where can I find audiobooks in Simple English?
2) Where can I find audiobooks at ORT Purple level 8 / lexile ~250L for a nine year old?

I'm trying to find a graded read for a friend's kid. He's Oxford Reading Tree Purple Band Level 8. Challenge words at this level are things like 'fabricator'.

I thought that would translate to about a Lexile 500L rating but after downloading Huckleberry Finn and Sherlock Holmes and having a listen, I can see that's way too advanced for him.

I estimate he should be at a Lexile 250L rating but all those books are too childish for a 9-year-old.

Any advice?

I might just have to rent the books and read them myself! But since all graded readers are copyright, I won't be able to share my work.

One more idea: Are there any audiobooks in simple English? These are the most frequent 1500 words in English. Even though it would be expanding his vocabularly reading something in Simple English would help his grammar.

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