How to create a notebook from pdfs
#1  Waters75 04-04-2019, 06:29 AM
Hello, I'm a pdfpen 6 for mac owner, an outdated version that i did not renew, but I might update it or switch to another software for my purpose:

Since I study a lot on pdf documents and take notes from them, I highlight what's important, but in order to have specific informations on a specific topic without keeping thousands of pdfs and having to scroll what i highlighted, I copy important informations on a text doc, like a paper notebook, and delete the pdfs. Later I can rearrange informations, delete duplicate informations and so on. Doing like this is very time- and focus-wasting, always switching to word and pasting things every time.

I would like to know if it is possible to either select only the text that I had highlighted in a document, to copy and paste it later on elsewhere, to have organically what i'm interested in all in one place. Another solution that would do the trick could be a "right-click and send selected text to app" feature for example. Is there anything the like? Any other way to achieve what I'm looking for perhaps?
Thanks in advance for every help.

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