android pdf app with continuous highlighting
#1  Cat_Turbo 01-07-2019, 05:05 PM
I’m looking forward to buy me a new e-ink reader with android. Long times ago, I’ve used an Onyx Boox M96, which unfortunately broke after half a year (screen cracked). Since then I’m using Windows tablets with an active stylus to annotate PDFs (I’m using more or less only the text highlight function).
On windows 10, there is an app called Drawboard PDF. A distinct feature of this app, which I don’t want to miss anymore, is continuous highlighting, you can choose something like a highlighting pen and then the option to highlight stays on for the whole time. You can scroll in the PDF with your fingers while the highlighting pen is mapped to the stylus of the tablet. After you’ve selected a word or a paragraph the function stays on and you can directly highlight another word without going into a menu or click ok. If no stylus is available, it is also possible to use gestures to control the scrolling while the finger act as a pen to highlight. While doing the highlight you don’t get distracted by a zoom or by an additional menu bar, you’ve got the whole screen for the text.
As there are a bunch of new e-ink readers with android on the market, I’m looking forward to buy one. But every open reader with android is only as good as the apps that are available. Until now I didn’t find an app which has this distinct feature, described above.
The following apps I’ve tried on my phone: So now my question: Doesn’t android have a (please dear lord, only one ) decent PDF reading with continuous highlighting support despite having tons of apps available in the store. Or didn’t I dig deep enough .
Thanks for any recommendation of a decent android PDF app with the described continuous highlighting function.

#2  mrpotts 01-11-2019, 10:48 PM
I've been using this for years, pretty quickly after Android came out actually. You may need to sideload it. Search for the APK if nothing else.

#3  Skumar 11-13-2019, 12:49 PM
Why this great pdf reader discontinue by Cerience-Corporation .
In recent version of android it had some bugs and error which need to fix.
I left android because i can not find replacement of repligo reader.
Anyone find the source code of this app??

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