Glo HD Glo HD : frozen, white screen, permanent red light
#1  i_ll_be 12-02-2020, 03:18 AM
Hello all,

First post here, thanks for welcoming me.

I have read multiple posts regarding my issue but requesting a little help.

My glo HD has a white screen (frozen) and does not start up.
- if I make a press on the power button, a red light starts and stays permanently on
- a second long press stops the light

I have tried :
- any combination of button press found on the net to reset, nothing happens on the screen
- full overnight charge
- reset via the pin hole, no reaction at all
- opening of the back cover + disconnection of the battery, no change

Nothing works...

Just to notice that my kids are reading a lot of mangas on the Glo HD and it was causing some regular crashes on the defective glo HD until this ultimate freeze. I have a second Glo HD which works perfectly with a similar use (mainly mangas).

Could it be the sd card ?

If yes, is there a tutorial somewhere explaining how to try to fix it ?

Can I try to exchange the SD cards between my 2 Glo HD ? Is there a risk to brick the working one ?

Thanks a lot for your help,

#2  davidfor 12-02-2020, 05:09 AM
I would suggest trying a new SD card. It is safe to swap the cards. There is of course some risk, but, its more in mishandling than what the device could do to it. But, I would take an image of the card from the working device before doing anything else. Then write this to a new card and use it in the misbehaving device.

Or, I can supply an image to use.

#3  i_ll_be 12-02-2020, 08:28 AM

Thanks for your reply.

1. I swapped the 2 SD cards : my failing Glo HD restarts well ;-)
2. I cloned the good disk image to a new SD card, installed in the failing Glo HD. It starts up.
3. Here is the problem : after short use (less than 1 minute), the Glo HD freezes again, and the only solution is to reflash the SD card to make it live again for a minute ;-(

I might have another hardware issue causing the freeze.

If you don't mind I would like to try your image file, who knows it may work ?


#4  davidfor 12-02-2020, 08:49 AM
PM sent.

#5  i_ll_be 12-02-2020, 09:01 AM
Thanks for your reactivity.

Sorry the link you sent me is not working, I get an "error 400" from google drive.

Sorry to bother you...

#6  davidfor 12-02-2020, 07:22 PM
Sorry, I messed up my links. I have sent you a replacement PM.

#7  i_ll_be 12-03-2020, 02:10 AM
Thanks, working now !

The link I mean, the Kobo not yet ;-)


#8  i_ll_be 12-03-2020, 03:41 AM

So I tried to upload your img file, not starting at all.

Last chance will be to try with the new genuine Sandisk 16GB SD card I have ordered.

The SD card I have is a "no name", maybe my Kobo does not like it...

Thanks again for your help.


#9  i_ll_be 12-03-2020, 05:05 AM
And side question :

I have bought 4 Kobos over the last few years : Touch, 2 x Glo Hd & Aura HD.

I like the global experience and the fact that kobos are open to any file from any source, no DRM issue.

Given quality issues that seem to be quite a lot on Kobos, would you consider for a new ereader to stay on Kobo or go for another brand ?


#10  i_ll_be 12-03-2020, 10:54 AM
Other question : I tried to disconnect / reconnect the connectors on the board, anything else (hardware) could create random freezes ?


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