An Antichrist that's also a Messiah: 2.99 Thriller on Kindle
#11  Poppa1956 06-19-2010, 01:40 AM
Quote Groovy Writer
I'm happy to report, after two days of work and uploading, I am live at Smashwords. For those of you interested in the process, I had use the "nuclear option" of copying from a browser window into a blank Notepad doc, then from there into a word processor. All formatting from scratch. Ouch! Learned more than I ever wanted about formatting for Word. Two days...

Anyway, the first book is PAY WHAT YOU WANT. It's quite the suspense thriller with history, prophecy, thoroughly edited and lovingly crafted. Worked on it for ten years and finally weighed in at 180,000 words, two books. It's gone viral at Scribd, hundreds of reads a day for a while and I did no promo over there. I'm hoping for some sales now. One person bought it the first day at Smashwords, and even one makes me happy. I know the quality of the story, so it's only a matter of time. Wish me luck!
I feel that, after goading you to make multiple formats available, I should at least say, "Thanks!" So, Thanks!.
And, since I am interested in what I believe to be your unique spin on the subject matter &mdash Antiochus Epiphanes being the original "Abomination of Desolation" and well and the one to come — I've purchased the first book as well.

#12  mr ploppy 06-20-2010, 07:02 PM
Just out of interest, does this work or do people just pay nothing? I would have thought the optimal time to ask a reader to decide how much it is worth would be after they have read it, not before. But as far as I can tell, there is no way to re-buy something on Smashwords that you have already bought, even if you bought it for 0.00.

#13  Groovy Writer 06-25-2010, 01:22 PM
Hey Mr. Ploppy, you're right, I don't think Smashwords will allow you to pay for a title after you've bought it. However, the sequel (Something Coming Book Two: The Second Coming of Antiochus) is already available on Smashwords and Amazon, and costs 4.99. I might drop that price by a dollar, but for now it's my way of enticing the reader with the first book as pay what you want, then making the sale.

You're probably already reading since you bought the book about a week ago. One quick update: I've uploaded a new file that corrects some formatting errors. When converting for Smashwords I had to copy from a browser window into a Notepad file, then from Notepad into a stripped Word doc. Then I had to go through line by line and reformat. Two days later I was finally done, but my mind wandered at moments and I missed some italics that identify Antiochus's voice in Chapter 6, and I ran some paragraphs together in Chapter 2. I'm mortified with embarrassment, since I promised that the books are thoroughly edited. Well, this morning I'm sending ANOTHER file to Mark at Smashwords, and will have that available in the next hour or so. Thank you for reading book. I'd love to get your feedback.


#14  Groovy Writer 07-13-2010, 03:05 PM
Both titles are half-price at Smashwords during the July sale. Here a link to my Smashwords profile, which has my titles. Less than $4 total for both books. Now that's what I call a bargain....

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