OverDrive drops support for Mac
#21  haertig 10-04-2019, 08:51 PM
Quote JSWolf
This is just one more reason to go Windows.
I'm not sure I'd want to jump out of a boat I was starting to dislike into a swamp full of demons that were hell bent on my destruction. I think I'd take my chances sticking with the boat.

For someone planning on abandoning a MAC, Linux or a *nix OS makes sense, Windows does not.

#22  pwalker8 10-04-2019, 09:34 PM
Quote odamizu
Where are you getting this data?

As much as I'd like to think High Sierra has 4 more years ahead of it, as far as security updates go, Apple seems to drop support after roughly 3 years. The last security update Yosemite received was Sept 2017. The last security update El Capitan received was July 2018.

The most recent macOS security update, released 9/26/19, included only Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.

At this rate, Mojave only has 2 more years, and High Sierra will stop receiving security updates next fall.

But I'd like to be wrong about this since I'm clinging to High Sierra.

from Apple Security Updates
I went by the wiki listing of when support was dropped. I do know that Sierra is still supported since I'm still running a machine with it and still get security updates.

#23  pwalker8 10-04-2019, 09:44 PM
Quote haertig
I thought I was clear before, but maybe not. I am talking about dropping support of 32-bit software, which is entirely different from dropping support of 32-bit hardware

I agree with you - if someone is still running on 32-bit hardware, then it is appropriate to recommend that they simply not upgrade the OS.

But in the case of software, we are talking about a 32-bit program ... Overdrive ... that is not available in 64-bit. This is not something that a user is going to be able to fix. And it really is not appropriate, IMHO, to tell users that they simply should not update the OS in this case. Sure, that would "fix" the problem, but it's a pretty rude "slap 'em in the face" fix. It's not like Apple has to add support for these older programs. They already have it. What they are doing now is taking away that support. And my question to Apple is, "Why?" You would have to work to find many prominent 64-bit OS'es that don't continue to support 32-bit software (again, different from hardware support). What is Apple's reason for wanting to be the Black Sheep in the bunch? Maybe it's a good reason. So why don't you tell us what that reason is, Apple?
No, I get that you are talking software, but software runs on hardware. Once 64 bit hardware reaches a critical mass, developers start releasing 64 bit software for it. It's really not a huge deal to update your software to 64 bit. Most Mac developers did that years ago.

You are complaining that Apple won't continue to support old obsolete software forever. My answer is why should they. If Overdrive is still 32 bit software a decade after the last 32 bit hardware was discontinued, then that's on them, not Apple. Go complain to Overdrive.

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