Mystery and Crime Thomson, Basil: The Metal Flask (1929), v1, 4 Oct 2019
#1  Pulpmeister 10-04-2019, 09:06 AM
Prepared from the syndicated serial edition, and therefore probably somewhat condensed, at it runs to about 50,000 words. A book edition was published in 1929 but is rare.

This early Thomson novel is of the amateur detective cosy sub-genre. A young man is awaiting trial for the murder of his wealthy but eccentric aunt, and for unknown reasons resolutely refuses to defend himself. A combination of friends, family servants, and others combines to ferret out the truth of the matter, with the result that two surprise witnesses are sprung on the court at the last minute.

Introduces a poison I had never heard of, but which is related to the nicotinoids. The medical dose, and the fatal dose, are hazardously close together.

I have now uploaded all of Thomson's novels. (He was also a fairly prolific writer of nonfiction). His only other work of fiction is the short story collection featuring his impulsive amateur detective Mr Pepper. I don't have a text, and have read only one of the stories.
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