Mystery and Crime Thomson, Basil: Carfax Abbey (1928); V1; 2 Oct 2019
#1  Pulpmeister 10-02-2019, 09:42 AM
Taken from the serial in "The Queenslander", in weekly instalments commencing 10 May 1928.

This is a stand-alone novel, somewhat shorter than Thomson's "Richardson" series, at about 46,000 words, and does not involve Scotland Yard but rather the Buckinghamshire force.

A rich but curmudgeonly old man dies suddenly, and there is evidence of murder. But what was he doing in the night, in a seldom visited part-ruined chapel in his country estate of Carfax Abbey? Who was the man seen racing from the scene in an Essex motor car?

Light in tone, this is a little more like early Patricia Wentworth than the later, more earnest Basil Thomson, and none the worse for that. It seems to have been only a serial; no book publisher has ever been identified. I made the cover myself, using an old engraving as a base.
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