Inkpad 3 Support and Repair
#1  MciMc8 07-19-2019, 02:43 PM
Follow up on Inkpad 3 Issues -- The seller of my Inkpad 3 informed me that my warranty is only 6 months and my problems started after the warranty expired. Pocketbook Int. has been good with communication but not very helpful. It surprises me that they do not even offer a repair depot and my question is: Where are the authorized or unauthorized repair depots for Pocketbook e-readers in particular or e-readers in general. Even Goodreads where Pocketbooks are now sold did not offer an option for repair.
The status right now is that my inkpad 3 will only operate when connected to power. The battery is showing a high state of charge -- obviously, since it is always connected. I did update to the latest firmware but that actually made its operation less smooth -- I now get the system file error again so I will go back to the original firmware, less stops and starts. One last point. If the power disconnects and it shuts off, on restart it takes me to the first time run or setup -- language, wifi and all that. If the battery is fully charged and it 'remembers' all the settings, would it restart that way?
Does anyone know how to disassemble the Inkpad 3 or have a link to this procedure? I have been looking but cannot find -- usually if it is there youtube has it but so far no luck.

#2  rkomar 07-19-2019, 07:06 PM
It sounds like your internal SD card is getting errors and switching into read-only mode. There is a thread in this group on replacing the card yourself. It's not easy because Pocketbook have tied each image to the SD card itself, but it is possible to do. One person even had Pocketbook send them a new image tailored to the new SD card he was using to replace the damaged one. Maybe you can contact them and get similar help that way.

#3  patrik 07-20-2019, 07:19 AM
6 months? Where in the world are you?

If you are within the eu there is a support center where you can send yours no matter where you bought it.

#4  MciMc8 07-26-2019, 03:21 AM
I am in Canada. I have checked the battery and it is fully charged. The inkpad only runs when connected to external power. Pocketbook INT. asked me for more information and they may be doing something about my issue. While the internal SD card sounds interesting I can't see how it causes my issue. I have re-installed the firmware several times. When I first contacted PB it was because of a fast discharge issue. I am thinking a circuit board issue/communication between the charging hardware/software -- at full charge I have had my inkpad report only 10 % charge.
A repair depot in North America would be ideal. I also thought that some kind of warranty up to a year would be reasonable.

#5  VladimirS 08-04-2019, 09:25 AM
I have the same problema with my Inkpad 3.

I bought it in Serbia 3 months ago.

Device is unable to propperly run without being connected to power source. I have tried multiple times to reinstall software (via factory reset and via manual install using zip file).
Obviously, device has problem with battery or with some internal electronics.

It is very unfortunate situation. Device have very good display, very good internal ebook reading app (default, preinstalled). Audiobook reading capability is also very good.
I think problem is only solvable by replacing it with new one...

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