Restore books on Pocket book touch lux 3
#1  thinguyenhalu 07-09-2019, 12:45 AM
I own a Pocket Book Touch lux 3 (626)
I have many books on my SD card and when reading i am doing a lot of highlights.
Sometime i go back rereading a book and editing my highlights.
I restore to factory yesterday because the highlight process was getting very sluggish.
Before doing restore i backed up the folder “system” from the root directory.
When restarting the unit I restored on the root directory the “system” folder.
All my book are still available but all highlights disappeared. I am not able to get my old highlights back. What i should do?
On the SD card i was also periodically backing up. Maintenance/backup and recovery.
If go to restore configuration, pick last backup, I CANNOT RESTORE.
On PC i unpacked the file backup_141218.tgz into .zip file, but I do not to do with the content.
I also looked at the folder “active content”, and i have there only the highlights for every book in .html.
In conclusion I can i restore back all my books with all higlits.
There is a way to read the , into an externar reader on a PC? pockedt book reader, coolreader or other?
Thanks if somebody can help me.

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