InkBook - termination of Midiapolis Drive service
#1  Millimole 06-25-2019, 09:16 AM
My device is an Inkbook Classic - the basic 6" model, which I have a love/hate relationship with.

I discovered an email in my spam folder this morning - and despite it being in Polish appeared to be important enough to run through translator.

The very convenient Midiapolis drive is being discontinued and being replaced with a Kindle style email service.

The translation of the email is as follows:
"Midiapolis (inkBOOK Drive) - Termination of service
Dear customer,
we would like to inform you that at the end of August the Midiapolis Drive service visible on the reader as "Drive" will expire. Instead of this service, for your convenience, we have introduced the "Send to Inkbook" solution.

How does "Send to Incubator" work?
The "Send to Incubator" service can be activated in the reader menu:

Enter the settings.

Select the "Send to IncBOOK" service.

Activate the "Send to IncBOOK" service if you do not have it activated yet.

After accepting the regulations, the e-mail address to which the books are sent is given. If we want to download a book from the service, we can simply send it to our e-mail address given on the reader. When the book is in the inbox, just press the button "Synchronize now" and the book will be automatically added to our library.

Therefore, please move ALL the Books you have on your Midiapolis disk. If the books are not transferred by the end of August, you will lose them irretrievably.

#2  orangpelupa 06-27-2019, 06:18 AM
Ouch. That and the deep sale of inkbook explore... I wonder if they are financially okay?

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