Nook app on Boyue devices
#1  fduniho 06-20-2019, 03:56 PM
Does the Nook app work properly on any Boyue device? The last update to the Likebook Mars made some improvements that resolved some problems with it. It now plays the animation at the beginning, lets me sign in to my Barnes & Noble account, and shows me my library, but it does not let me read books. When I tap on a book to read it, the screen goes black, and it does nothing more.

I have tested the Nook app on a variety of devices, and my Likebook Mars has been the only one it doesn't work well on. The version of Android has not made a difference. It has worked with Android 4, 5, 6, and 7. Although I don't own an Oynx device, I have also gotten confirmation online that the Nook app works on Onyx devices.

My theory for why it doesn't work on Boyue devices is that its Rockchip RK3368 CPU does not support TLS. A while back, there was a firmware update to dedicated Nooks to support TLS 1.2. Using CPU Identifier Pro and similar apps, I have checked the CPU features of my various devices, and with my Likebook Mars being the only exception, they all include TLS in the listing that CPU Identifier Pro calls "Other CPU Features." I have also gotten confirmation that Onyx devices support TLS. Since the Nook app uses TLS to decrypt books, this might be the problem.

There is an older version of the Nook app,, which lets me read books on my Likebook Mars. I'm assuming it predates Nook's adoption of TLS. The main problem with this version is that it crashes when I try to look up the definition of a word.

Assuming that not supporting TLS in the CPU is the problem, can this be fixed with a firmware update? If this is just a fixed deficiency in the hardware, is there a way to work around this? Or could the problem still be something else? Hopefully, someone at Boyue will be able to answer these questions.

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