Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Five (2020); v1; 29 July 2020
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An anthology of short stories by authors in the Life+70 Public Domain. With the exception of the stories by A J Alan, which came from Project Gutenberg Australia, all stories were gathered from Australian newspapers through the on-line resource TROVE. Where possible I have given the first publication data for each story, but failing that the Australian newspaper where I found it.

Richard Connell is best remembered for his much-filmed novelette "Most Dangerous Game"; William J Makin, F Britten Austin and Guy Thorne already have novels and other books uploaded to MobileRead. I have given the vital dates of other authors.

1: One-Trip Darling / Richard Connell
2: The Fountain Of Light / A. A. Irvine
3: My Adventure In Norfolk / A.J. Alan
4: My Adventure at Chislehurst / A.J. Alan
5: The Diver / A.J. Alan
6: H2, etc. / A.J. Alan
7: The Hair / A. J. Alan
8: Supper at Midnight / William J. Makin
9: The Silent Witness / Cosmo Hamilton
10: No Leopards in Surbiton / F A M Webster
11: Four Friends and Death / Christopher Caudwell
12: The Fourth Degree / F Britten Austin
13: An Affair Of Honour / F. Britten Austin
14: The Inca's Treasure / F. Britten Austin
15: The Other Side / F. Britten Austin
16: Buried Treasure / F. Britten Austin
17: "The Man Who Was—" / Glyn Evans
18: Unforeseen / Guy Thorne
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