Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Thirteen (v1); 28 Oct 2020
#1  Pulpmeister 10-28-2020, 03:01 AM
The thirteenth in this seemingly endless series. The last four stories are by J S Montanye, who in the thirties was a major "hard-boiled" writer in the Pulps, with several series.

Raymund Allen wrote several stories, all chess based; perhaps the ultimate sub-genre.

1: Monk's Mark / "Waif Wander"
2: On Christmas Night / Guy Thorne
3: Major Marlowe's System / Guy Thorne
4: A Strange Conspiracy / E Phillips Oppenheim
5: The Black Knight / Raymund Allen
6: The Winning Move / Raymund Allen
7: Allah Knows Best / Raymund Allen
8: "If" / Barry Pain
9: Through Toil and Tribulation / Guy Boothby
10: The Eldest Born / "Ouida"
11: A New Year's Surprise / Frank Condon
12: Magic / J. Storer Clouston
13: The Fortunate Lord Fabrigas / J. Storer Clouston
14: The Trials of Tony / J. Storer Clouston
16: Front! / Floyd Hamilton Hazard
17: Nab / Lawrence Mott
18: A Shock for the Countess / C. S. Montanye
19: This Will Kill You / C. S. Montanye
20: Ink / C. S. Montanye
21: Ivan’s Foe / C. S. Montanye

There is a cumulative index to PM 13 included.
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