Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Eleven (v1); 5 Oct 2020
#1  Pulpmeister 10-04-2020, 11:04 PM
The 11th in an ever growing anthology series of stray short stories from newspapers and magazines.

I do not pick and choose, my purpose is rather to collect anything, bundle them together in anthologies of roughly 100,000 words, and make them available to the public.

The last story is by Charles G Booth, a Hollywood screenwriter who died relatively young, and who published a number of hard-boiled/noir novels and short stories. There is also an anonymous Sherlock Holmes spoof from 1895 for collectors of Sherlockiana.

There is a cumulative index to all eleven antholgies so far.

Famous Mysteries series / Ladbroke Black
1: The Tragedy of Constance Kent
2: The Strange Death of Lieutenant Roper
3: The Eight-Minute Mystery
4: Who Murdered Sarah Roberts?
5: The Great Harley-street Enigma
6: The Burton Crescent Murder
7: The Battersea Mutilation Case

The Others
8: The Dog's Understudy / Barry Pain
9: Albert Theodore Parish / Barry Pain
10: Hasheesh / Barry Pain
11: The Open Eye / William Le Queux
12: The Murdered Wife / Perley Poore Sheehan
13: The Prodigal Son, V.C. / Ottwell Binns
14: The Vengeance of Adam Rook / Tom Gallon
15: Well Lost? / F. Britten Austin
16: Diamond Cut Diamond / F. Britten Austin
17: Adventure of the Rubber Pipe / Anonymous
18: A Condoned Crime / Mabel Quiller-Couch
19: Lance Warrener's Crime / George R. Sims
20: A Doctor's Dilemma / L. T. Meade and Clifford Halifax
21: Stag Party / Charles G. Booth
Cumulative Index Nos 1-11
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