Science Fiction Aubrey, Frank: A Queen of Atlantis: A Romance of the Caribbean Sea. v1. 07 Feb 2022
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One of a loosely-linked trio of books about a “lost civilization” in South America, featuring the mysterious giant Monella. These are: the prequel, A Queen of Atlantis (1898); The Devil-tree of El Dorado (1896); and King of the Dead (1903).

A Queen of Atlantis is a wild and romantic tale of adventure, full of delightful, fantastical situations. The story relates the discovery of a telepathic race living on an island in the Sargasso Sea.

“The Atlantis myth has fascinated men for over two thousand years. but at no time has it received more attention than at the beginning of the last century. One of the better books dealing with this theme is Aubrey’s Queen of Atlantis.

A group of four Americans on a Caribbean cruise is marooned in the mysterious Sargasso Sea by a mutinous crew. Alter several dangerous encounters with assorted sea monsters. they discover the hidden island of Atlantis, peopled by a race of men living in beauty and splendor, just as they did thousands of years ago, when Atlantis was a mighty empire. The Atlanteans welcome the party, hailing the American heroine, Vanina, as their long-awaited Queen. Monella, the god-like stranger who has become the leader of Atlantis, seeks the Americans’ help in defeating the forces of neighboring Karanda, who have invaded the island.”
Classics of Fantastic Literature, 2005)

Francis Henry “Frank” Atkins (6 Jul 1847 – 21 Oct 1927) was a British writer of “pulp fiction”, in particular, science fiction aimed at younger readers. He wrote under the pseudonyms Frank Aubrey, Fenton Ash, and Fred Ashley. In his chosen market, he was extremely successful and influential. Although contributing little to the sophistication of SF, he played an important role in its history.

A Queen of Atlantis, by Frank Atkins/Aubrey (1847–1927), was first published in 1898. This ebook is in the public domain where copyright is “Life+90” or less, and in the USA.
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