Large Library + iPad app?
#1  chicleeblair 06-25-2019, 10:44 AM
I have a large (15k) library that consists of books (2k) and fanfic—most of which are saved tar—(13k). I want to hold both in the same app.

I really want to use CC because I’m tired of having to mark things as read and/or delete them in three different places, but any attempt to put both types—from the same library or separate—causes immediate crashes. Mapleread crashed with all the files, too. (I think it might have be a RAM thing on my iPad).

For a while I used one form of Mapleread (CE) for books and another for fit (SE). This worked okay, but I still kept fic tar on CC for the “read” check and I hated having everything in so many places. Using dropbox to run CC doesn’t let me sort between types, let alone the tag-based custom columns I use to browse fic.

at a minimum all I want to be able to do is A. keep all my files in one place. B. sort through them their type and then additional custom columns/read-status.

anyone else with a large library have any tips

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