Android app similar to Kuboo (ubooquity) for COPS and calibre
#1  zundengan 03-30-2019, 12:23 AM

I will explain my setup, i have QNAP Nas, but i don´t want to use HDStation (which is using nas like a pc on a screen instead of accessing apps to browser), so i have calibre on my pc and my calibre library on a NAS shared folder, not advised but it works, so i also do not want to use my pc as 24/7 server.

I managed to install calibre2opds - COPS with my calibre library folder with docker on container station, yeah hurray iam so smart for a noob and non it guy i thought, but then when i wanted to use it on android... bummer, i cannot do what iam thinking and i knew from ubooquity opds server... well maybe i just don´t know the concepts of what is what so iam imagining stuff.

The thing is with ubooquity i access my comics via browser with no need to download stuff and surprisingly a nice guy made the kuboo app where i don´t need to download stuff to my tablet or phone or whatever to read my comics.

The thing is i could copy paste my ebooks from calibre to a uboooquity folder and duplicate all the stuff, but unfortunately, some of the ebooks don't get the embed metadata right, so no book covers on ubooquity and turns out ugly.

And i also would like comics in one place... "grown man" books on another place.

I tried moon reader, and all other apps.... and i must be a really dumb guy because i can manage to make a library, and see my catalog, but i can't get the little bastard books on the bookshelf of the apps without downloading to my sd card, for a cheap tablet with dual boot, i think i cannot manage to have my all library stored there, again duplicating space, i just want to stream my books from my server without downloading, but of course having that option... and no i didn´t try no cloud service, i could but i don´t want to use it in that way, i want to stream... but of course i can copy paste my folders to google drive just for a backup.

Can please someone help, is this possible to stream the books and also have a pretty nice bookshelf to show for the house visitors (tablet visitors), i am going mental on this because i could not find an explicit answer nor a well-designed app where i could duplicate a behavior like ubooquity and kuboo does.

Help please.

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