Ebook won't list me as author
#1  spark-e 08-25-2020, 01:14 PM
I made an original ebook in Sigil using a creative commons template as a starting model.

For some reason even though I have changed author info in the meta data editor and it looks great and lists me as author in Adobe Digital Editions on PC and AiReader in Android, it still lists the creative commons meta data author on my Android Huawei FBReader.

I have created a sample chapter which lists all the right data and I could use that sample chapter to recompile the whole book page by page just so the meta data reads right on the whole book but geez, that sounds exhausting.

Is there some way I can figure out why FBReader sees my book's author as creative commons instead of me?
I have told fbReader to rescan.

But when I go into file tree downloads folder my book is there listed as a creative commons author instead of my name.

I rebooted my phone several times. Every time I drag and drop the ebook into the downloads folder I reboot the phone.

I deleted the book from downloads folder, re dragged and dropped ebook into folder and it till keeps listing the book as not authored by me.

What is the problem?

#2  JSWolf 08-25-2020, 02:06 PM
The problem could be that most eBook reading apps for Android are lousy. FBReader is worse then lousy. It's total garbage. Find yourself an app tat actually works.

#3  DaleDe 08-25-2020, 06:22 PM
Down in the ePub section of this site is a program EPubMetadata that you can use to look at and change the information about the book. You are likely to see the problem using that program.


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