Short Fiction Webster, F A M: A Strange Drum Sounds (v1); 17 Dec 2021
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F. A. M. Webster was a noted British athlete (javelin), a soldier in WW 1, an athletics coach, and a prolific author of fiction and non-fiction. Much of his non-fiction was devoted to sports and sport training, and his numerous books on the subject are still in print and still considered valid. His fiction is largely forgotten.

He wrote many short detective stories featuring "Old Ebbie", an elderly scientific detective, which were published in a series of books long out of print and very hard to find; short stories of animals in the wild; and adventure short stories set in colonial Africa and elsewhere (with typically British colonial attitudes, it must be said). He also wrote numerous novels, including those verging on science fiction and fantasy: themes such as lost races and lost worlds, and things unknown.

This original collection contains 27 examples of his short fiction in most genres, including an Old Ebbie story.

1: Golden Eggs
2: Natives Will Talk
3: Deceivers Ever
4: Blue Blood
5: Very Still Waters
6: A Strange Drum Sounds
7: Floating Bones
8: The Double Problem
9: According to Law
10: The Secret of the Singular Cipher
11: The Schimmel Sets the Pace
12: Towards Morning
13: The Owl
14: This Little Pig
15: Korongo the Arrogant
16: Not To The Strong
17: The Call of his Kind
18: Eyes in the Air
19: Let There Be Light
20: Trial By Combat
21: Power Comes to Pesembeli
22: Nature Hits Back
23: Possession
24: Devil's Parody
25: There Are More Things
26: Pride Goeth
27: Elephants Apilin' Teak
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