Short Fiction Prichard, K and Hesketh: Don Q in the Sierras (1906); v1, 8 Oct 2021
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Katherine and Hesketh Prichard (1851–1935; 1876–1922), a mother and son team who also wrote as E and F Heron, produced two volumes of "Don Q" stories plus a "Don Q" novel. This is the second volume of short stories.
This American edition had a comewhat curious method of dealing with the dozen short stories. It showed the 12 stories in the Contents page, but the stories were broken up into 3 or 4 numbered chapters each within the text, up to Chapter 26, as though it were a novel. I have restored the text to 12 stories to match the Contents page.

Don Q is a bandit of aristocratic birth, hiding out in the rugged Sierras of Andalusia with his band, holding unsuspecting wayfarers to ransom, righting wrongs, and ruthlessly administering justice where needed.

1:How Don Q. Came Back
2: How Don Q. Dealt with a Famous Cricketer.
3: How Don Q. Dealt with a Thief
4: How Don Q. Had Need of a Surgeon
5: How Don Q. Fought for the Valderejos
6: How Don Q. Dealt with Professor Japsley, F.R.S., Ph.D
7: How Don Q. Kept Christmas
8: How Don Q. was Asked in Marriage
9: How Don Q. Became a Squire of Dames
10: How Don Q. Attended a Bull-Fight
11: How Don Q. Played Substitute
12: How the End Came
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