Cooperative epub sales
#11  Hitch 10-08-2021, 09:47 AM
Quote gmw
I wasn't going to get this personal, but Hitch and Quoth, you pushed me into it by being so polite about book sales.

Simply put: most titles don't sell enough to justify paying a monthly fee. (snippage)

There's an old saying that the more things change the more they stay the same, well this is one of those things. Big sellers have always paid the way for the rest of the crop, right back through traditional publishing. For all that self-publishing appears to be a revolution, it is still a fact that the big sellers are paying the way - it's just that the cost of holding all those millions of titles is now close to negligible for someone like Amazon who will likely pay more to store their transaction data than all those old titles combined.
Yes, actually, I was avoiding that topic, to be honest, but that's a fact. The typical, one-book self-published author, or even the two-book author, doesn't remotely sell enough to justify even a small annual fee. Most self-published authors won't sell 50 "copies" (digital or otherwise) in their book's lifetime. Many are happy to sell 2-3x month. That's it. A fee to host those would have to be so nominal as to be unprofitable.

I mean...look at Smashwords. Let's not kid ourselves, porn keeps that place running; all the stuff that isn't publishable at Amazon, but is at SW and its audience are what keep that joint going and the lights on. They don't have a fee--they take royalties, a wee royalty out of each sale. They survive on sheer volume--1-2 sales/month for a book adds up to a fair amount, but probably not super-yachts for Mark Coker.

Ingram doesn't take a small royalty--they take a good-sized royalty PLUS a nearly $50 uploading fee. not to mention all the uploading fees for new versions of the files. If a small uploading fee was all that was required to keep those lights on, at Ingram, you can bet your bippy that that's what they'd charge, as they have other competitors like D2D coming at them hard, around listings.


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