Horror Pendarves, G. G.: The Eighth Green Man (2021); v1, 1 Jul 2021
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GLADYS Gordon Trenery was born in England in 1885, and was an author and musician. She wrote as G. G. Pendarves, and to a lesser extent as Marjory E. Lambe. Her work was published in Weird Tales, Argosy, Magic Carpet, and Oriental Stories. She died in 1938.
As well as horror and supernatural stories (often involving Sir Donald Fremling as a sort of occult investigator / ghost buster) she also wrote a number of supernatural and semi-supernatural tales set in a mystical version of North Africa.
This original collection contains 17 of her stories, collected from magazines and other sources.

1: The Dark Star
2: Passport to the Desert
3: The Eighth Green Man
4: The Doomed Treveans
5: From the Dark Halls of Hell
6: The Laughing Thing
7: The Power of the Dog
8: The Lord of the Tarn
9: The Devil's Graveyard
10: The Return
11: The Djinnee of El Sheyb
12: The Whistling Corpse
13: El Hamel, the Lost One
14: Werewolf of the Sahara
15: The Altar of Melek Taos
16: The Secret Trail
17: Thirty Pieces of Silver
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