Windows 10: iTunes Update Removed iBooks
#1  marsh494 05-14-2018, 10:57 AM
I really am desperate for this. I recently bought an iphone x and I had to update my iTunes to the latest version (the one where they removed iBooks) and all my ibooks disappeared when I had to sync my phone and pc (windows). I can't manually drag them in the file transfer because they are 2000+ and I normally sync when I have new epubs so I do not have to manually transfer each file.

Out of desperation, I used this app called 'Syncios' where you can sync pc with iphone but my problem is now the metadata. Previously in itunes, when I add new epubs, I manually change the title and author so they can be sorted out properly and then click sync, but apparently they do not transfer to the metadata, which is being used by Syncios and I think other apps like Calibre. Also I found out that when I edit the metadata via Epub Metadata Editor or Sigil, they appear as new and all my notes and highlights were removed.

Now out of three weeks of suffering, I am thinking of using Calibre in my iphone instead of ibooks but then they do not automatically change the metadata of the file in the pc? I think I need a modify plugin or use the polish feature, but will these remove my notes in ibooks as well when I transfer my library to Calibre?

This is very long and confusing but I really really need everyone's help now. Would greatly appreciate your advice.

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