Calibre Library
#1  Simps46 08-03-2022, 08:52 AM
Hi,all is it possible for me to easily link Calibre library to sync on 2 windows devices ie lap top and desktop ?

#2  Sirtel 08-03-2022, 09:15 AM
Hello and welcome to MobileRead!

The straight answer is no. Calibre is not built to support network and cloud drives or multi-device using. Library corruption will almost certainly follow.

If you only want to access your library on a second computer, not make changes, then you'll have a couple of options. First is to use the content server. The second is to mirror your library via FreeFileSync or its analogs to Dropbox (one-way mirror copy only, no two-way sync!). OneDrive and Google Drive are not compatible with Calibre and can destroy your library. AND do not put your live library (the one you actively make changes to) in Dropbox either, only a copy.

If you use two-way sync with your library, you'll destroy it. The database will get corrupted pretty fast.

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