Hisense A5
#11  Question Mark 09-20-2019, 12:44 PM
Looks to be close to ideal. Will definitely pick one up if the price is reasonable.

Even though I already have the Hisense A2 Pro, and although I'm quite fond of it, I find the colour screen a bit of a nuisance. Would much rather have a single screen device.

#12  HARE_KRISHNA 09-21-2019, 01:33 PM
Wow, thank you everyone for all the information. This seems like a very nice phone. No more astigmatism.

Can it be used in the United States on carriers like Xfinity Mobile, T-mobile, Verizon etc.?

#13  desk7 09-26-2019, 01:37 PM
Other information:

#14  underscore 09-27-2019, 03:26 AM
Quote desk7
Other information:
I'm totally skeptical about the 100 euro prize and the 'deluded' buyers of K1 got it for 250 euro, not 350.
Let's hope Hisense can sell it through amazon european stores.

K1 hardware is nice, i'm pleased about, as for the software..can be somehow arranged/hacked into a smartphone experience.

#15  pdurrant 09-27-2019, 03:38 AM
I'd certainly buy an A5 if it has a retail price around €100 (+VAT) on launch. But I really don't see how they can manage that.

#16  eReader fan 10-25-2019, 12:54 PM
New price!

There are two versions: one with 32Gb rom at 155€, and another with 64Gb rom at 195€

The only thing I don't like about that phone is not having a better camera. Even only having a eInk screen we would like to do good photos

#17  pdurrant 10-26-2019, 04:20 AM
Translated launch article

Translated listing at

1199 yuan for 32GN storage, 1499 for 64GB storage.

With VAT, that's around £160 for the cheaper version.

Clearly more than originally suggested, but still a very good price. If it becomes available in the UK I think I'll be getting one.

#18  norweger 10-28-2019, 10:09 AM
Quote pdurrant
If it becomes available in the UK I think I'll be getting one.

I would most def try the H5 if it were for sale in Europe, as it's so much more handy to buy them from a local distributor, so you could return it in case the phone, for some reason, falls short of expectations. I don't know if any Hisense e-ink phone has been for sale in Europe previously, though rumor has it the new ones might.

#19  norweger 10-30-2019, 03:24 PM
They'll prolly not reply, but I wrote them. Asking if it'll be released in Europe or America. Both the A5 and A6L looks promising, promising indeed.

#20  kova4a 11-03-2019, 03:25 PM
There's a new pretty detailed video of the A5, don't know if anyone else linked it anywhere here

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