Recommend App that works well with Calibre?
#11  stumped 06-19-2019, 02:19 PM
Quote Nausicaa
Moon+ Reader has an option to sync ....
But its not free. OP wants something for nothing.
It can use a library on sd card.
Syncs to Google or Dropbox .

Expecting someone to provide a free and advert free app is silly. What motivation is there for anyone to develop such an app.

#12  pazos 06-19-2019, 02:55 PM
Quote FrustratedReader
This isn't the place to argue SW dev & distribution practices.

I'll give KOreader a go.

Thanks for advice.
Ok, whatever

You're welcome

#13  Quoth 06-19-2019, 06:55 PM
Cool Reader has a really too featured GUI, which doesn't seem to change left & right margin in any consistent manner.

HOWEVER the big plus compared with Aldiko is that when I exit from Calibre after quickly copying a bunch of books, they are immediately available in CoolReader if you've set a favourite folder to be the one Calibre uses. No fiddling with import GUI and waiting for ages.

I'll try KOreader next. Since it's used on actual ereaders it might be a simpler and more reliable GUI for setting margins and line spacing, or overriding "publisher" bodyfont if it's mad.
I've experimented with Garamond (needs paper), Dejavu Serif, Times Roman and Georgia.
General consensus here (and my own view) is that Georgia works best on Kindle PW3, Kobo Touch & H2O, Nook and Sony PRS350.
My phone is a 6" type. I've no real intention of reading much with it, but I do want to try because I've read that a slight majority of people only read ebooks on phones. Partly because they have one and a decent eInk might cost x2 and partly it's something they have on the go.

I never go anywhere really, so the 6.8" Kobo H2O is favourite.

#14  Quoth 06-19-2019, 07:05 PM
Quote stumped
Expecting someone to provide a free and advert free app is silly. What motivation is there for anyone to develop such an app.
It's not like it's a major thing like an OS, A full Office Suite, Photo Editor, etc. It's basically a custom web browser and those are free.

Unfortunately too, in EU some BIG companies providing "free" ereaders on every platform are breaking the law.

I've spent $thousands on crappy PC software for nearly 40 years. I do occasionally buy software, but not so much in the last few years. Calibre is worth more than Win10 & MS Office these days. I certainly donated to that in the past. However Google is not getting my payment info and most paid Android apps are junk compared to free Windows and Linux applications.

There are some good Android apps.

Now Adobe, MS, etc want to rent to you. No thanks.

#15  stumped 06-20-2019, 01:14 AM
if you like kobo, try the free kobo android app. but it will insisting on importing your books into its own database before cou can read them
once it has done that, you can delete the original downlod though, if you are happy with the results

moon+ costs less than a starbuck latte in its regular sales - and lasts a lot longer
it even has an author who responds to queries !
i think you will find that, apart from the small initial cost, it ticks all your boxes. it is. for sure. the most customisable of all teh epub apps, so if at first you don't like it, tweak its until you do.

but if you refuse to shop at play store, there is no simple AND legal way to get it

you can buy a one - off pre-paid virtual credit card from various sources if you don't want google to have any link to your actual bank/card accounts

#16  Quoth 06-20-2019, 06:22 AM
The only things I like about the Kobo H2O:
1) Size
2) Screen quality (though I hardly ever use front light)
3) Being able to import the annotations via Calibre to text files.

I have now Bluefire, Aldiko and Coolreader. I'll get KOReader. I did have Kindle App and removed it. I'd not install it on anything, nor register any device or App with Adobe for DRM. I doubt I'd ever install any Kobo SW on anything, though I use Viber (same parent company), mainly because Skype is now useless on desktop and QQ is only Chinese on Linux. I use Viber mainly for text, as I did for years with Skype.

Why would I buy Moon+ pro? The Basic Moon+ wasn't of interest.

Why would I spend ANYTHING on an ereader for Android when I have ereader apps that are free and 99% + of the time I read on one of my eink dedicated ereaders? It's mostly for testing how my own titles would look to phone users. Avoiding sizes, formats, image sizes, etc that won't work well.

My only issue was the problem of having to manually delete older versions of books and import newer versions of the same books. Cool Reader may have solved that.

Though actual library management is practically non-existent on ANY ebook App or physical ereader. I was using better document management and library programs 20 years ago.

A lot of these ereader Apps concentrate too much on eye-candy and unimportant features with also poor GUIs and lack of library management.

#17  Nausicaa 06-20-2019, 05:11 PM
You can do the google survey to get money for apps as well.
I found all them lacking except moon reader. I don't remember the free version honestly, I got it free maybe during a promo. KOreader is slow, it acts like it's ebook reader counterpart even on good hardware.

Can this help?

#18  Quoth 06-20-2019, 05:36 PM
"The most important reason people chose Moon+ Reader is:

They have built in net library to search free eBooks."

That is absolutely ZERO interest, as I'd search for specific old books and often export as RTF and reformat if Calibre isn't sufficient.
I read almost all ebooks on the Kobo H2O original, or the Sony PRS350 if out and about or travelling.
I'm only using phone to check the books I actually author. Some might have 15 to 35 revisions, hence the interest in purely managing via Calibre on the desktop, and hating having to find and delete the titles on the phone and "import" to the reader.
Cool Reader seems to work without having to delete or import.

And, no I'm NEVER doing surveys for anyone, especially not Google.

#19  DoctorOhh 06-20-2019, 08:40 PM
Quote FrustratedReader
"The most important reason people chose Moon+ Reader is:

They have built in net library to search free eBooks."
Moon+ may not be for you and your use case, but your above assumption seems wrong. I've used it for years and have never once used that feature. I use it on Android tablets, phones and e-ink ereaders. I choose it because it is customizable so I can view my book the way my old eyes prefer. Obviously this doesn't help you at all with what you are trying to accomplish.

Let us know what ends up suiting your use case, I'm sure other publishers would find that information of value.

#20  Quoth 07-07-2019, 09:43 AM
I'm trying PocketBook now, mentioned here

It DOES use a named directory accessible to Calibre.
I was trying Coolreader, but while it works to use a shared directory via USB, it's otherwise annoying.

Can the turning page annotation be turned off in PocketBook? Also where does it save the annotations?

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