#21  paveli 07-11-2008, 01:43 PM
PDFCropper is really great software! I bought my Sony Reader prs-505 a month ago and firstly was really disappointed as I wasn't able to read comfortably any of my books in PDF format.
I started to google and found some reviews about pdfcropper.
This tool helped me to solve the most of my problems with fitting PDFs into small Sony Readers screen.

What I really enjoy is reflow option, when pdfcropper analyses the text in PDF and creates new one with any font size that you choose.
Another good feature came with the latest update -- ability to split PDF to several files. It is useful because sometimes Reader is too slow when reading large files.
I wanted to read books on my native language, but it wasn't possible as Reader understands only Latin symbols. PDF cropper solved this problem as it may insult fronts right into PDF files.

It is somewhat difficult to understand a concept of frames which PDFcorpper use to resize the pages. But with the assistance of the author Vlodimir Stefanyuk I handled with it.

#22  Okami 07-13-2008, 12:33 PM
I received my iRex iLiad Book Edition as a gift, a couple days ago, I was extremely happy since, I can use it to view my manga (comic) collection with it, therefore I tried so many softwares to bring out the best view, and I came to the point to see that "PDFCropper" is the perfect choice for eternal use.

Since, some manga tend to be wordy, which leads to using small fonts, I found it still difficult to read them, even with the iLiad screen.

I did try some other softwares that auto split pages and rotate them to landscape, but they weren't as flexible as PDFCropper.

If you're using your e-reader for viewing manga/comics, I highly recommend using PDFCropper.

This is how I use PDFCropper to read manga:

For wordy manga save the PDF in landscape mode: Allow the software to auto frame all the pages, if any frame doesn't bring out the panel, you can just customize that page only to your liking, which is something other softwares don't allow.

For non-wordy manga save the PDF in portrait mode: Since we want to view the pages in portrait mode, we will work with one frame only on all pages.

Most manga tend to have a lot of white spread, even though they are still readable with portrait mode, you can enjoy reading them even better when all those white spread are removed.

Turn off the "Odd/Even Pages" & "Custom None" on the first page, delete one of the frames, then position the frame to be around the panel only instead of the whole page with the extra white spread, this will auto-position the other pages in the same position as the first one, if one of the pages doesn't have a white spread and you need the whole page, then right-click and set the page to "Custom" to position the frame for this page only, you can also "Copy Page Settings" for any page and just apply it on another page with "Replace Page Settings" which is another favorite function of mine. Explore more by trying the "Odd/Even Pages"

I hope manga fans, find these simple instructions, helpful in assisting them to the joys of reading their favorite books with their respective e-reader devices.

If anyone still needs help with their manga viewing, I will be more than happy to help them out. I have googled a lot, and I came across softwares that meant for manga/comics, but they just weren't as perfect as PDFCropper!

#23  vstefanyuk 07-15-2008, 05:47 PM
Change log:


* improved auto-frames functionality. Added possibility to detect frames blocks (see "Detect custom pages frames block" and "Split vertically detected frames blocks" options in "Auto-frames" dialog)!!!

Coming soon:
* Improved frames reflow functionality. Adding support for images

#24  litchfield 07-19-2008, 02:12 AM
Hi vstefanyuk

Just tried PDFcropper on some pdfs for an Iliad. It works very well and the results have made reading A4 pdf's a dream.
I have tried various versions of IPDF, but when zoomed, they generally take ages to load pages and and eat up the battery in doing so. Much better in all respects to the iRex supplied pdf reader however :-)
Pre-cropped pages load much faster.

A basic help file and an option to change text colour would really be tops.

#25  vstefanyuk 07-21-2008, 10:04 AM
Updated to v1.41

Change log:


* fixed bug with auto-frames "detects frames splitting" functionality (hangs in some cases)
* fixed bug with auto-frames "detects frames blocks" functionality (incorrect frames ordering)
* increased speed of pdf displaying
* improved reflow functionality. Paragraghs are displayed with indenting

#26  vstefanyuk 08-07-2008, 08:47 AM
Updated to v1.5

Latest version can be downloaded at

Change log:


* improved reflow functionality. Added images support!!!
* changed reflow functionality. Now frame reflow option is specified on pages set (odd, even, group or custom pages) level instead of page level
* improved auto-frames functionality. Added "Detect custom pages frames reflowness" option. When this option is used frame is treated as reflowable if it contains some text and doesn't contain relative large (< 10% of frame square) vector graphics
* added full support for page rotation (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°). Changed rendering, auto-framing, reflowing, cropping functionality to take in account page rotation
* improved pdf rendering speed
* changed pdf rendering. Migrated pdf displaying and page images rotation code to Java (this is one of the steps required before implementing Linux-version)
* added predefined settings for Cybook Gen3
* updated "Samples" section at

Main Features

User interface allows to:

* view original pdf, navigate via table of contents or directly via page number, zoom in/zoom out, specify desired page view
* interactivly change frames settings, skip pages, specify custom pages, combine pages into groups
* specify frame settings for all pages, odd/even pages, page groups or separatly for custom pages
* flip pages, add/delete frames, specify frame size/placement/ordinal/reflow, use frames with the same size, keep frame ratio
* etc.

Auto frames functionality allows to:

* automatically detect inked area
* add up to 10000 frames per page with desired layout
* automatically detect custom pages frames reflowness
* define frames of custom pages by detecting frames blocks (eq. recognition)
* define frames of custom pages by detecting frames splits (eq. smart cut)
* skip empty pages
* etc.

Crop functionality allows to:

* prepare pdf via pages cutting, via pdf reflow or by combining both methods
* add tables of contents, create clickable table of contents pages
* reflow text and images
* increase/decrease font size, rotate reflow pages, justify text of produced pdf via reflow method
* specify desired text encoding and embed fonts
* specify frames orientation and scaling
* skip empty output pages
* create pdf by reusing original pdf pages. This allows to create pdf's with very high quality and smallest size (almost the same as original pdf). This is unique feature, at time being the is no other fully functional software that can do it
* create images pdf, thicken produced page images
* slit output pdf by multiple files
* etc.

#27  vstefanyuk 08-08-2008, 06:27 AM
Updated to v1.51


* fixed bug with reflow functionality (in some cases line breaks were detected incorrectly)
* cosmetic gui changes

Comming next:

* context help

#28  Kralik 08-07-2009, 12:48 PM
Thanks for this great program!

#29  Horribleman 10-05-2009, 04:03 AM
I have a question; is registration automatic, or do we have to get a code from you personally? The reason I ask is that I would like to try the trial version tonight and upgrade tonight if it's suitable. I've got a business trip coming up on weds that I'd like to have reformatted a lot of PDFs for.

I guess my question is really if I decide the product is for me tonight will I be able to get the full version straight away?

#30  MrKyle 12-28-2009, 06:07 AM
You saved me a whooole lot of time. I was about to start work on this same app. All I read are tech books, and when my Reader says to look at Figure 2-A, I always look forward towards seeing it 10 pages from then.

Thanks for your work, and I do hope you make the source available in some fashion.

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