Byrd, Robert: Ka-Zar Book One - King of Claw and Fang - 1 Dec 07
#1  tsgreer 12-01-2007, 10:50 PM
Ok, I have to agree with Dr. Drib--I think we need a little more pulp to read on our high-tech reading machines! All of the great posted classics are making me feel too smart--I'm in the mood for some material that has a little less class.

This is Ka-Zar (pronounced kay-zar) of the Congo in the heart of darkest Africa. He's basically a Tarzan imitation, but a very good Tarzan imitation. Born David Rand, his parents were flying over the Congo when their plane crashed. His parents are killed and he gets adopted and raised by a lion named Zar and takes up the name of "Ka-Zar," i.e. Son of Zar.

Growing up in the jungles of the Congo, he learns the languages of the beasts and the ways of the jungle. Ka-Zar uses these skills to help find the man that was ultimately responsible for the death of his father.

This is one of the better Tarzan clones--the writing is top-notch and it was later adapted into several Marvel comics.
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