Brenner, Mayer Alan: Spell of Apocalypse v1.0 2007-11-30
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Fantasy series "The Dance of Gods" goes Creative Commons

Ending with this first book Spell of Apocalypse.

Welcome to the Dance of Gods
From 1987 through 1992, DAW Books published my four-book fantasy series, The Dance of Gods. Sales were not spectacular and fell off with each successive volume, and the books went out of print. Along the way, though, they acquired a small group of fairly intense fans, not all of whom were either related to me or were close personal friends. Frankly, although DAW did their best, the books were a challenge to describe and market, since they didn't fit with the style of fantasy that was well-established at the time. Times and styles change, though, and may have now caught up to where The Dance of Gods has been resting. At least, that's my hope. This site presents an experiment that will let you, fortuitous reader, help decide whether these books really have an audience ... and if so, what happens next.
This is the last book of the series. The author's website URL is


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Version 1.5 adds in the ToC internal to the book. I left it out. Sorry.

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