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Calibre's catalog feature generates a file summarizing selected books from your library in one of several formats: AZW3, BIB, CSV, EPUB, MOBI or XML. BIB is a bibliography format (BiBTeX) used by LaTeX; CSV and XML output is intended to be manipulated in another program; EPUB and MOBI are intended as output formats to be read on a reader device.
Getting started
Controlling which books are exported to your catalog
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What you see is what you get:

Catalog options
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The E-book options tab provides customization control depending upon the selected catalog format:

Customizing the Descriptions template and Section lists
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If you wish to change the default appearance of the Description pages or Section lists, you can create a local copy of the template and CSS files which will override the default layout. This requires familiarity with HTML and CSS.Customizing the Description page. Available fields in template.xhtml:Example: Changing year of publication in Description header
Customizing the Section lists. Templates controlling the display of book titles in the various Section lists (Books by Author, Books by Title, etc) may be edited to taste.
Available fields in Changing Books by Author to remove year of publication:
Tips for experimenting with customization:

Known Issues
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Creating catalogs from the command line
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All catalog generation functionality is available through calibre's CLI interface. You will need to install the command line tools: Preferences|Advanced|Miscellaneous|Install command line tools before running these commands.

Tagging Tips
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By following a few simple guidelines, your database will be easier to keep organized and the Catalog generation process will run more quickly.

Tips for Kindle users
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The catalog builder has some special TOC optimizations for Kindle users.

If You Have Problems
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Creating a printed catalog
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To get a printed catalog of your books, you'll simply need to create a catalog in CSV format. This is a format recognized by spreadsheet applications, so you can easily open the catalog in one, format it, and print.
For example, if you open the catalog in Calc, you'll need to do the following:

Implementation history
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