History Lane-Pool, Stanley: The Moors in Spain (Illustrated). v1 7 October 2013
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Stanley Lane-Poole (1854-1931) was a British orientalist, numismatist, histor*ian, and archaeol*ogist, and came from a family of orientalists. He worked from 1874 to 1892 in the British Museum, then in Egypt as an archaeologist, and then in Sweden, Russia, and Turkey studying Islamic numismatics. From 1897 to 1904 he was the Professor of Arabic studies at Trinity College, Dublin University.

Between 1875 and 1903 he published sixteen catalogues of arabic coins and about five hundred books on the life and history of the Muslim world, edited others including his great uncle Edward William Lane’s translation of The Thousand and One Nights, wrote several biographies of other Englishmen associated with the East, and four books in the Story of the Nations series: The Moors in Spain, Turkey, The Barbary Corsairs, and Medieval India.

The Moors in Spain gives an account of the nearly eight centuries during which 'Spain set to all Europe a shining example of a civilized and enlightened State… Art, literature, and science prospered, as they then prospered nowhere else in Europe… Whatsoever makes an kingdom great and prosperous, whatsoever tends to refinement and civilisation, was found in Moslem Spain.'

I have omitted the index and the citations in the footnotes, but have retained the explanatory footnotes and made them end notes, have inserted some 'scene breaks', have slightly slightly altered the chronological table, and have modernised the spelling.
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#2  Land_Outcast 05-24-2020, 02:44 PM
Beatifully structured, AlexBell.
It is of great help for my learning path in ebookland.

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