Google Play books (Android) no font size option?
#1  4691mls 01-07-2022, 10:47 AM
I've never run into this issue before and it seems to be affecting only one book - others still have the normal font adjustment menu.

The problem book defaults to a font that's too small. If I tap to bring up the options, the Tone options are as normal (white/sepia/black) but there is no option to set the font size, line spacing, etc. There is only "Zoom" and the options under that are "remember zoom" and "tap to scroll". If I pinch/zoom it gets bigger but not all text is on screen (like zooming a photo).

I wondered if maybe I somehow got a PDF on my phone instead of an epub but I didn't see any way to select a format. Removing the download and reinstalling didn't change anything.

The epub copy that I downloaded on my PC and transferred to my Kobo Clara works normally, but I occasionally want to be able to read for a few minutes on my phone.

I suppose I can try contacting Google but I figured I'd ask here first in case anyone else has had this issue and knows what's wrong.

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