Android App for editing epub's
#1  FrankJH 01-05-2022, 07:33 AM
Hi all,

I read about an app called "BookCreator" here in the forum ... this app does apparentlty not exist anymore ...

Here's what I'd like to so:

I created some epub on my desktop pc which I like to read on my tablet ... so far, I've found a way to synchronize the epub's between the tablet and the desktop PC.

I would like to correct the epub's while reading them on the tablet ... of course, I have to edit them. Any ideas how this can be realised?

Here is an app called "epub editor"
but it is only capable of editing the tags ...

As reader app on my Android tablet, I use "Reasily" ( ->

... but this app doesn't offer such an edit feature, if I read all correctly ... BookCreator was able to this, but ok ... is not available any more ...

Best wishes, Frank


#2  feuille 01-08-2022, 09:33 AM
It has always been annoying for me that I could not correct spelling mistakes while reading a book on a tablet. (Or edit the german translation, if it seemed imprecise or not appropriate, even from professional translators.)

Writing an Android clone for Sigil seems not a solution, because you will miss the convenience and the versatility of a pure reader.

So, now I use the following procedure:
I use the "ReadEra" reader on the tablet, mark text passages that I want to change and save them with one fingertip in the reader as a "quote" with my comments. They are automatically synced with Google Drive. When I have finished the book, I start Sigil on the desktop, open the text file with the collected quotes on GDrive and make the desired changes all at once.

#3  FrankJH 01-11-2022, 06:56 AM
Thanks for answering!

Yes, it's really annoying ...

I think I'll give ReadEra a try ...

Currently, I use Reasily, I think I can add comments there, too.

Your idea with the synchronisation is good.

Kind regards, Frank

#4  Rbneader 01-25-2022, 11:28 AM
Epubs are just re-nammed zipped files full of XHTML or HTML files, so I change the file extension to ".zip", decompress it, and change the file extension of the chapter I want to edit to ".txt". Then I can edit the files with any text editor. I usually use which chapter is .txt to indicate which chapter I'm editing in and change the file types back and forth as I go, but you could also change all of them at once at the beginning and put them all back at the end.

To make the edited epub, I delete the original .zip file and compress the folder.

It's a little bit more tedious to do it on a phone than with a mouse and keyboard, but since I almost never sit down and read on a computer anymore editing ends up getting done faster overall.

Remembering to transfer the file from the phone to the computer is a little annoying, but otherwise the workflow all happens on the device I read on, which is nice. I only need to copy the file over and import it into Calibre when I'm done.

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